Composted - Plump Up The Volume

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Composted is busting OUT the nasty you've been needing with their first FULL LENGTH CD, PLUMP UP THE VOLUME.

BAND MESSAGE: Some of you have been telling us, "I NEED to know what the track list for Plump Up The Volume is or I'LL DIE" and being all like "Yo man I got these cheeseburgers" like thirsty-ass trick bitches. Ok, no one has been saying those things at all. But here's the track list for PLUMP UP THE VOLUME anyway to sate your thirst until the album officially "drops" as they say in the industry:

1. Loggin' On To Get Off
2. Trollin_4_Hogan
3. SIDS & The City
4. Brass Moose Knuckles
5. BB(W)Q
6. OB/GYN O.G.
7. Slit 'N Slide
8. Toddler Cobbler
9. Sausage Cathedral
10. Gone Baby Gonorrhea
11. The Proof Is In The Pudding